Food resources, energy, and environment are the focus of problems confronting us in the 21st century. Our aim is to wrestle with problems relating to food from an engineering perspective and thereby contribute to the healthy, affluent lifestyles of people.
In other words, we strive to provide effective utilization of food resources, minimize damage to the inherent nutritional value of food materials used, and create foods that are safe and flavorsome with good physical texture and superior physiological function. At the same time, we are providing a foundation for research and development that integrates basic knowledge with application so as to utilize the total system of science and technology whereby processing, ordering, packaging, distributing, storing, and cooking of food is based on an idea of being in harmony with the environment.

The Japan Society for Food Engineering, while acknowledging the importance of its scientific research, which was until now oriented particularly toward food with strong characteristics and analytical nature within, wishes to take the opposite approach and to primary look at food at the macro-level in order to grasp the process from an integrative, total system viewpoint.
The Japan Society for Food Engineering plays an indispensable role in applying the results of food science research to the overall benefits of actual food production sites.

Therefore, we set the following goals.

  1. Expanding and developing academic theory of food engineering as a general food science.
  2. Promoting the development of an engineering base for the food industry
  3. Creating and adopting innovative methodologies
  4. Creating an environment where cooperation among academic/industrial researchers and engineers for completion of activities is encouraged.
  5. Discovering and nurturing young researchers
  6. Increasing awareness about the importance of the study of food engineering
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