Industry Committee

Mission and Objectives of the Society for Food Engineering Industry Committee

Mission of the Industry Committee

Today, Japan’s food industry is ushering in an age of globalization, requiring a broad outlook and improvements in comprehensive technological power; the role of a technician in the food industry is becoming increasingly more important.
Japanese technicians in all industries, including food industry, are often completely restricted to working within their company. In the light of business strategy in food production, it is quite significant that technicians connect with one another and establish a theme of activities with a broad outlook necessary in the food industry, and thus, give suggestions from an engineering perspective. In reality, however, there is no place for such activities to occur.

In the academic field, such as universities, researchers often place importance on interactions with only fellow researchers. It has rather always been the case that they do not make enough efforts to discover research topics through interactions with the relevant industry and real world in general.
Consequently, as seen in the existing academic societies in our country, the academic world is considered the primary entity for such activities, while the industry has secondary participation.
In the West, however, as a result of collaboration between the academic world and the industry, academic societies are developing a more open and substantial form of activities and transmitting the information to society; we need to study this type of work closely.

The Japan Society for Food Engineering was established with certain objectives, one of which is to achieve substantial work through coordination between the industry and the academic world; the Industry Committee was created as a system to implement proposals from the industry to accomplish the above objective.
In other words, by conducting activities with the ideas given by the industry to the Japan Society for Food Engineering, and contributing to the development in food engineering as an integrated science and to the development in the industry in Japan and the world, the Committee aims to make available a rich and healthy human life.

Current Specific Activity Plans

  1. Establishing a technology forum in the International Food Machinery and Technology Exhibition (refer to the Forum Information Guide)
  2. Planning and implementing a Symposium and an Industrial Plaza at the Japan Society for Food Engineering Annual Convention.
  3. Creating an Industry Committee Planning Section in the Japan Journal of Food Engineering.
  4. Holding research meetings: Theme currently pending.
  5. Supporting a technology award system in the food industry.
  6. Publication projects including books useful to young technicians in the workplace.

Industry Committee Organization

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