Japan Journal of Food Engineering

Vol. 12, No.1 (2011)Contents


Physical Properties of Foods and Effect of Water on Them XI Multiple States of Sorbed Water Molecules in Amorphous Sugar Matrix and Their Different Impacts on Physical Properties of the Matrix Koreyoshi IMAMURA 1

Original Papers

Water Sorption of Corn Starch/Disaccharide Amorphous Mixtures and Crystallization of Disaccharides Mayumi ANZAI, Manabu WATANABE, and Toru SUZUKI 11
Kinetics of Thermal Denaturation of Protein in Cured Pork Meat hino KAJITANI, Mika FUKUOKA, and Noboru SAKAI 19

Technicall Papers

Effect of Particle Size of Different Crop Starches and Their Flours on Pasting Properties Md. Sharif HOSSEN, Itaru SOTOME, Makiko TAKENAKA, Seiichiro ISOBE, Mitsutoshi NAKAJIMA, and Hiroshi OKADOME 29


Investigation of Carbonization Energy for Waste Biomass in Superheated Steam Combined with Far-infrared Heating . Akiko ISA, Yoshio HAGURA, and Kanichi SUZUKI 39
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